“Ever since working with Jessica on her exercises to improve my core stability, I have been completely pain-free while remaining highly active. Not to mention that they are incredibly nice people who spend enough time with you to figure it all out, teach you how to manage things at home/gym, and get you moving properly again. Five stars, no doubt.”

– Michael Stoner

“It’s an amazing feeling being able to run again without the constant fear that a calf may blow out on me at any moment.”

– Michael Wood

“I’ve been a runner for 40+ years and which means I’ve had my share of injuries. Recently, I knew I needed help for a few painful, nagging injuries. It was so bad that I was considering giving up on running. Then I met Jessica Bishop.
Jess presented at one of our running team’s classes and it was then that I learned that she had treated several of my fellow runners, all of whom were running better and mostly pain-free after seeing her.
Not only do I feel totally different since working with Jess. Her comprehensive knowledge of how the body works and her own running background makes all the difference. She crafts a personalized plan to correct imbalances and strengthen weaknesses that create them. With two 10ks scheduled and another handful of 5ks planned, I am looking forward to them all and am grateful to her for that.”

– Rick J – Runner


01 We are people that help people.
02 We love to innovate.
03 We strive to think outside of the box.
04 We are fascinated by the science of movement.
05 We believe in building a stronger you.


Get our patients back to doing what they love.


Bodies that move efficiently, powerfully, and gracefully.

Larry Meyer

Larry attributes his biomechanics expertise to his commitment to education and 13 years of experience as an orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapist. Nine years ago, Larry began to develop his biomechanics expertise through formal medical bike fit training at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. In 2013, he continued to pursue his passion for movement analysis, by gaining advanced certification in lower extremity function and running gait analysis. By educating his clients and listening to their needs, Larry’s goal is to build a highly respected and science based biomechanics practice specifically for cyclists and runners. With cutting edge technology and years of experience, he is excited to provide biomechanical analysis and performance improvement solutions for cyclists and runners through his company Build Sports Performance Lab and Physical Therapy.

Bachelor of Science: Kinesiology, University of Minnesota, 1997
Doctor of Physical Therapy: Pacific University, Portland, OR, 2004 Certification: Advanced Biomechanics of the Lower Quarter (6-mo. program)
Level I Certification: Functional Dry Needling, 2015
Member: APTA, Sports & Orthopedic Section


Early on in my career as a PT, I was very eager to find success with my treatment strategies that I learned while in PT school. The process seemed simple, apply knowledge and your patients will get better. As I soon found out, it didn’t quite work out that way.

Motivated to go beyond my graduate school education and basic physical therapy protocol, I began to look for advanced techniques to try and help my increasingly more athletic clientele. I wanted to see and grasp the bigger picture of the injury process, and find out why in most cases, a diagnosis could not explain the complete mechanism of injury. As well as, my athlete’s movement patterns perpetuating their chronic repetitive injuries.

Looking outside the box gave me a new perspective when analyzing my athletes, allowing me to see movement patterns that could be clinically reasoned to be contributing to an injury, but difficult to explain. I realized that along with wanting their injury to go away, athlete’s wanted to understand and trust my clinical decision making process. They wanted proof of the mechanism of injury as much as I did. I needed a way to show my analysis made sense, and be confident in my methods.

With more and more repetition, my method of interpreting movement as a whole-body system of cause-and-effect began to emerge as a valid clinical skill. Finally, my vision of a new way to practice began focus on eliminating the causes of injury versus treating an injury manifesting as an effect of the cause. Still, I wanted more education to put it all together. Over the course of the next few years, I enrolled myself in multiple advanced biomechanical analysis courses in cycling and running to refine my practice.

Earlier in my adult life I served in the Air Force and worked on advanced avionic systems. My familiarity with advanced technology drove me to look at the world of motion capture technology and its use at revealing how the body works to forces during movement. Due to the explosion of advancement in motion capture speed, I knew that this emerging technology could be the answer I was looking for, and to finally be able to clearly explain my analysis of my athlete’s movement. Our vision and the key to our future practice needed to be a combination of athlete’s trust in our clinical reasoning skills and advanced motion capture technology, but ultimately how the data is interpreted, integrated, and communicated to our athletes. Without making this data easily understood to the athlete, it would just be data creating an ineffective road block to their success.

So, this is where Build was developed. Build’s mission is meant to inspire patient knowledge and healing, and most importantly to build athlete movement performance, and to build athlete’s fortitude and confidence to outlast injury.

Analogous to building a house, athlete’s body’s deserve the same process. In order to build a house you must find a strong foundation on where to build. Additionally, through self-awareness and knowledge of one’s self strength, you must decide on how you will build, and with what fortitude needed to withstand all the forces of life. Finally, you need a group of highly trained professionals to bring it all together and inspire determination to build the home needed to improve a new way of life.

– Larry Meyer


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